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What an amazing workout it has been these past few weeks. Today marks 3 weeks of doing the gym and omg I have so much more energy. I feel more motivated to do things instead of staying at home doing nothing. I have a whole gym routine from a personal trainer and I have found that the more it hurts the more I know I’m doing something that is working.  I haven’t lost much weight, at first it worried me because I was going up in weight but finally I am going back down in weight. I go to the gym with a colleague and its so nice to have someone there to push you to succeed and you do the same to them. We  do a 5 minute cardiovascular workout to up our heart rates then we do an exercise for whatever day it is (leg, back,chest and abs and shoulders), then we do 2 minutes on the eliptical or treadmill and then continue that until we do all the machines and cables for that day and we finish off by doing at least 5 minutes of cardio. This has been an amazing change its just incredible I can see the changes when I look in the mirror it’s the best feeling in the world.