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So overall September has been an awesome month I’m still stuck at 260 but I went to the doctor Tuesday and although my scale hasn’t moved to much I’m still down inches. I’m so happy I notice in my uniform daily how it’s changing! I’m starting to follow more of a low carb high fat diet now to see how it’ll help me with losing. I’m very proud of myself I’ve started taking my lunch to work, usually carrots or celery or mushrooms and hummus and some meat. I hate to cook so this is something I’m happy about lol it’s simple and very fast to make in the morning. I am very very pleased with my success in weight loss so far I am down 22.8lbs total! For someone who ate out a lot and was bery lazy I am a new person and I am loving it! So being in such a good mood I’ve tried new things to help boost my moods even more and I’ve found make up is something that makes me feel good as much as it shouldn’t it just adds to the great feeling I get knowing I’m down in weight.