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So as you all know I was down to 261lbs… Well just after that I went back up to 268lbs I have no idea why but as of today I’m down to 265.4lbs. So now I need to get off my ass and start exercising more! Also the food choices I have been making aren’t the best at times when I’m out and busy. I have found a healthier option to most fast food, I absolutely love pita pit the food is amazing! There is so many choices to. My mood has not been the best either so that doesn’t help but today is a new day and I am getting back focused on what is most important… Me. I am very excited to do the cauliflower cheese and avacado again that was so delicious. I’m going to start setting goals as to how much I want to lose in a month and starting today I want to lose 10lbs more by sept 8!!!