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Hello! So this week has been busy and I’m sorry for no posts but I finally have time to finish this and post. So the start of last week I was down to 261lbs and all of a sudden I went back up to 267lbs I wasn’t doing anything different but I haven’t been exercising as much. So as of today I am back to 264lbs but no idea why I went up. It is very depressing to go back up. So I was talking to this guy and he asked for pictures ok no problem well looking back at my old pictures really brought back hard emotions I am really big I look a lot better now than I did before but I still look big!!! I hate this. 

This is me as of May 2015.⬆️

This is me as of July 2016⬇️

So as of yesterday I have started to get even stricter with my diet and exercise. So last night we made cauliflower with avocado and cheese…  And chicken which Omg was so good!!! Every morning I have a slim fast meal replacement I’m not sure what to mix with it so if anyone has any ideas please let me know! 

I am finding that using the cpap machine really is helping with my sleep I’m no where near as tired. I also am finding that I have more energy. Have a great day!!!