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So with this sleep apnea machine I’ve been finding even after the first night I’ve had so much more energy and I’m not tired!! It’s been nice I did a very long over due spring clean and I haven’t felt so good in such a long time. So yesterday I haven’t had McDonald’s in awhile so I decided I would grab a kale and feta wrap meal with a Diet Coke and I was overall disappointed i used to love them and since I haven’t had 1 in awhile I find I honestly don’t care for them which is awesome. My weight hasn’t changed much I’m 271.5lbs which is awesome! Makes me really happy😃👍. I have completely cut out junk food like chips and snacks which I find is ok because as much as it was hard at the beginning I no longer crave that stuff constantly. I do get random cravings for sugar but 1 little candy is more than enough.