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So just got the cpap machine yesterday and just wow what a difference even after just 1 night I have so much more energy! I’m a lot happier since starting this diet and I find I want to shop more knowing there is clothes now that I can find and look good in and they won’t break the bank! I always hated buying clothes thinking I’d be the fat ass everyone stared at. I hate photos for the same reason I think I’m just out right ugly! So I had a cheat day yesterday and had pizza, well I can’t believe it it really didn’t agree with me and I ended up with the most painful stomach ache and multiple toilet visits but I’ve gone down to 261.7 which is 21 lbs!!!! Finally it’s nice to see the weight coming off. My love handles are disappearing thankfully. My clothes are so much looser I can’t wait to have to buy a whole new wardrobe I will definitely be doing before and after pics then. I’ve been eatting a lot less lately I find I’m just not hungry so sometimes at lunch I do need to make sure I eat no matter what and the heat doesn’t help lately I’m tired not hungry. I’m going to try starting to run on the elliptical soon I’m not sure how it’ll work but it’ll be a laugh for me at least! Well thank you again for your continued support! This is jut the beginning of my new life and it’s amazing so far.