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So after a week of holidays and a weekend of a few not so diet friendly drinks I knew my weight would go up but it stayed the same. It shocked me when I stood on the scale and saw 263lbs!! I still can’t believe how much of a difference just 19 lbs has been.. So my official weight when I began was 282.8lbs I just round down for some reason so really I’ve lost 19.8lbs!! So yesterday I had an appointment with the sleep clinic to find out if I have sleep apnea, which I found out I do have moderate sleep apnea. So now I get to get the machine which will increase my oxygen causing my energy to hopefully go up and my weight to go down. Later in the day I met with my diet doctor, when I got weighed I was at 265lb which was abit discouraging but I knew I had just eaten so it wasn’t that bad overall plus I had on heavier clothes. The doctor wasn’t that upset to find out I was only down 2.6lbs from the last time. I just need to lower my portions and when I get the sleep apnea machine I should get a lot better sleep so I won’t be exhausted all day. I have a few friends and family who are all very supportive but this one friend who really upped my confidence and is helping me with this. She really is amazing and I wouldn’t be at this still if it wasn’t for her saying how she can notice the changes even if they are slight changes. The doctor has now started measuring me because my clothes fit better or are loose and the scale isn’t going down that fast so only time will tell now. This is my way to help with staying positive and on track with where I want to be health wise so thank you all very much for reading!! Be sure to like and follow me for updated blogs 👍👍👍